New review in for "Yeah, No Thanks" from Radio Free Midwich

"What’s the story?  Two saxophones / four lungs all melt into buttery parps and hawks on this utterly charming disc.

Taking a total approach to warm breath Garret (in the right channel)  & David (in the left channel) squeal and honk through nine short improvisations and instant compositions running the gamut from lightly tickled to full-on brass discipline...

New album out with Garrett Wingfield! Im so proud of this album- we had a great time improvising and our friendship and funny-ness shows.

Check it out at

In addition to the newlbum, a a quick update: my trip to Houston with Garrett was incredible....I met so many ridiculous musicians and improvisors in Denton, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas. Check out my instagram for photos (and snippets of music) from my week in Texas!

Check it out! @davidleonsmusic

Next week I'll be in Texas making sounds with Garrett Wingfield! Garrett is an amazing musician and saxophonist/ creative spirit. We have lots of duo shows planned and shows with his Nothing Machine (3 altos at its core....but 6 for our show!) and other shows with lots of saxophones. I'll be in noisy saxophone heaven!

Then I quickly fly out to Washington D.C. to join close friends and intimate duo Danielle Wertz and Tal Cohen. They have a new record out and I'll be joining them for their CD Release Party. DC Friends, you can buy advance tickets here!

Its been about four years now that I've been booking music every Wednesday night at The Fish House.

I'm so proud of that this place has become, presenting incredible local and out-of town talent every week in Miami. NO easy feat to pull off and I'll always be grateful to our audience, jammers, musicians, and most importantly, Angela and Jose Rivero who own the place. Their continued support is unwavering and their dedication to keeping live music happening in Miami is inspiring.

We, the musicians are indebted and grateful.

I've decided to make a calendar so everyone knows whats going on - there's too much great $H1t happening here week after week for only a few of us to know about it. 


Click here to see the new calendar.