Hello! These past months, I’ve had such a blast playing music in Miami. In the past few weeks I’ve played Argentinian-tinged jazz with Roxana Amed and Martin Bejerano, Bulgarian-influenced jazz with Errol Rackipov, and Israeli-influenced jazz with Nadav Remez. It has been such a pleasure with these artists! We toured Nadav’s music around Miami for a whole week and it was so great to reconnect after having met in Banff like this.

The Fish House is still going strong too! We are starting to have more and more guest artists. January’s shows included saxophonist Josh Quinlan, Wendy Pedersen and Jim Gasior, an Eric Dolphy/ Ornette Coleman tribute with John Daversa, and of course Nadav Remez! Be on the lookout for the schedule, there are more great acts to come!

I’m so happy that I can pursue my personal interests and continue to play with such great musicians here in Miami. I hope there’s more to come!

Hi! I've been very busy lately and it's hard to find time to update these BUT I am getting around to it. Thanks for reading!

This semester has been incredibly eventful. I've played some of John Daversa's newest arrangements of Beatles music with CJB (soon to be recorded under his own name), played at the Arsht and the brand new Dr. Phillip's Center in Orlando with the HMI Orchestra, played some of my own new music with a newly formed trio #bicmenrosfulmfrenh and have pursuing other musical endeavors with side projects including a conduction ensemble with some friends! Needless to say, it's been incredibly hectic but worthwhile! 

I can't forget to mention the work we've been doing with Sound Underground either. We've performed at a few venues around town and are writing new music for the group too! The picture you see above is from a radio performance/ interview we did shortly ago. Thanks to Phillip Avello for the photo! Be sure to catch Sound Underground at Carnaval on the Mile 2015!

As I get ready for winter break before another crazy semester, I've taken on a new regular gig I just started doing at a great place very close to UM, the Gourmet Table. This place has a great outside courtyard and serves a unique blend of Lebanese/ Venezuelan food that is delicious! I'll be playing there with some of my best friends, all trios and duos, on Fridays and Saturday's from 8pm-11pm. Hope I'll see you there! 

Hi! School started two weeks ago and I'm having an incredible time so far. I don't love being so busy, but I do love learning so much here!

I'd like to let you know about a new regularly gig I just started playing at the Lilt Lounge inside the Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami.

Every thursday night, I'll be playing with some great friends: Jaylon Ballard-vocals, Jason Matthews- Hammond Organ and bass rig, Aaron Glueckauf-drums. Together we play our own versions of songs by Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean and others. Too much fun! Click here for a cool news story about us.

I've also been selected to represent Youngarts Jazz in their promotional stuffs! I'm honored to be representing them and think that my actual logo is so cool! Be on the lookout for my silhouette on promotional items and YA billboards around the country! If you're interested in purchasing Youngarts swag (not just with me on it), click here!

Be sure to check my calendar for events and catch me around town! Hope to see you there!

Hi! These past two months have been incredible for me. I've had so much personal and musical growth and it's great to feel times like these as they are happening.

My time at the Banff Workshop for Creative Music and Jazz was incredible! Over three weeks, I got to work with some of the most honest musicians on the planet in what has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The Banff Centre was so very gracious and warm to us and I'm so glad that I was able to take part in workshop like this one- my musical mind is in a completely different place now. I've made some lifelong friends and met musicians I hope to play with for years to come.

In Miami, I continue to play at The Fish House every Wednesday night, now joined by the great Ira Sullivan every second Wednesday of the month! I performed a concert and gave a masterclass at the WDNA Jazz Gallery with my quartet and also been playing lots around town and with a Chordless Quartet alongside saxophonist Mark Small and drummer Rodolfo Zuniga. 

I also recently posted some youtube videos of my quartet in the studio. I love playing with these guys, check it out here! 

After a week's vacation in the Florida Keys, I'm looking forward to Sound Underground's three week tour of Bulgaria! This will be my first time in Europe and our first tour as a band. Can't wait!

Until next time....

P.S. Check out Sound Underground's Facebook Page

School’s out! This semester at school, I worked with with Jeff “Tain” Watts, Fred Hersch, Dafnis Prieto, E.J. Strickland band, performed the music from Miles’s “Porgy and Bess” with Terence Blanchard and Wayne Bergeron and also traveled to Monterey, California and New Orleans. Between school, gigs around Miami, and my own projects it’s been a busy but incredibly rewarding few months.

In the coming months, I’m looking forward to resting and relaxing….but not for long! In a few days, I’ll be heading to Banff, Canada to work with some incredible musicians at the Banff International Workshop. After a short return home, I’m off again for a three-week tour of Bulgaria/ Serbia with Sound Underground. I’m also very happy to announce that we just released our debut album! Be sure to message me if you are interested in purchasing a copy. A sample of our album can be found at www.soundunderground.bandcamp.com

As always, I will continue to host a weekly jam session at The Fish House on Miller Rd. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to to play alongside Jazz legend Ira Sullivan every 2nd wednesday of the month as he'll be joining us during the summer months. If you are a local, be sure to make it out!

Stay tuned for some new recordings of my original music with my quartet too! Ill be posting them on my youtube page. Thanks for checking in. Cheers!