This is hard to put into words. Today, we played a short set at a hurricane shelter for evacuees from the Florida Keys that came up to take shelter during Hurricane Irma. I'd heard that some of these people had been there for almost a week.

Some had only a bag with clothes and essentials, and the mat they were sleeping on. Others were with their families, young and old. It's hard to imagine what these folks might be thinking, aware of the possibility that they may not have a home to get back to.

After we played, we received an outpouring of gratitude. Many came to us teary eyed and thanked us for taking a few minutes to play for them and raise spirits. We did almost nothing, but what a great feeling it is to make someone's day better, if only for a little while. I'm so thankful that I could.

Music is a powerful force. It's also sound and it's meaningless. But good intention, action, and humans helping and loving one another- that's real.

Kudos to Florida International University and the American Red Cross for stepping up and helping out during times like these.