PC: Mandy Leon with a photo of a new project with Jean Caze- trumpet, Murph Aucamp - tablas, congas, cajon, percussion, and Dan Montgomery- bass.

2016 has been a year with many personal challenges for me and as a result a great year for personal and musical growth. I played with so many great musicians and had so, so many deep, deep experiences. I can only hope that the coming years will keep being like this! Many thanks to all my friends, colleagues, and fans that I get to share music and life with- you all make it that much better and our connection is what keeps me (and all of us) going. 

Looking forward to making lots of music in the new year! Kicking it off with a trip to New Orleans to help out on a lecture on free improvisation at JEN and hanging for a few days, then coming right back to continue the Fish House Residency with a ridiculous lineup- check it out here!!

Also plan to make lots of music with Sound Underground on the West Coast, with my trio somewhere near the middle of the US and with some other great people in the Northeast....stay tuned for all that stuff! Hope to see you wherever I'll be, thanks for reading.